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Current culture dictates that we are supposed to hate the Kardashian family. But, I must admit I like them. After I had Emmitt, I would tune into Keeping up with the Kardashian’s in the wee hours of the night as I was up feeding, changing or just snuggling him. It was the season Kim married Kris and the family went on a trip to Bora Bora. I vicariously went on vacation to a tropical location with them and loved every minute of the gorgeous scenery. In a hormonal haze I cried as Kim said her vows with that idiot. It didn’t matter that I was completely sleep deprived and had seen the episodes three times before, I would watch the episodes over and over.  Well, flashfoward 18 months and I have another newborn, Kim is divorced and pregnant with Kanye’s baby! According to TMZ the baby was born 5 weeks early via c-section…. but from here on out it will be called a k-section. I am eagerly anticipating the news of what they named the baby. And though some might find it pathetic that I follow this family who is only famous for being famous. I think there is more to their story. I love watching the sisters interact. It’s nice to see a family that supports one another, cares about one another and are genuinely friends.


I took all three kids to museum beach across from the lighthouse for two reasons… to take pictures and play. I had this grand idea that the boys would just play trucks in the sand, Greta would chill in her stroller and I would take pictures of some of my new print designs with the sea grass and lighthouse in the background. As soon as we pulled up I saw that my brother-in-law Matt was at the beach with my niece and nephew. Nolan & Emmitt were so excited to play with Phin & Hads, they went running towards the water. I shouted “Nolan you can just put your toes in!” Well, as you can tell by the water line on his shirt, he went a little deeper than that. They had so much fun playing with their cousins it was worth the extra laundry and baths before lunch!