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The job market is getting more and more competitive. The only way to get your foot in the door (besides mailing a shoe to your potential employer) is to have a resume that stands out. People often get overwhelmed by the thought of creating a resume. They turn to microsoft word for a resume template to guide them through the process and end up with a boring piece of paper that doesn’t exactly exhibit their strengths or personality. Here are a few tips and examples to creating a resume that will get you an interview… the rest is up to you!

Tip #1 – Be Brief
No one wants to read a novel. Condense your resume down to one page. No exceptions. If you really need to free up space move your references to a separate page. I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to keep it short and sweet. Employers know what they are looking for, but if you have a resume that catches their eye it doesn’t matter how much detail is on the page. They will call you for an interview and YOU can expand on every single little detail of your work experience when they ask you about it in person. If they have every piece of information they need from looking at your resume, then what would you have to talk about at the interview? A short resume actually works in your favor and a gives you stuff to talk about about… that way you will avoid awkward silence at an interview!

Tip #2 – Don’t be scared to share something unique about yourself somewhere in the resume. I ride a unicycle & take woodcarving lessons. Interview committee’s love to reference these little tid bits in order to really get to know a candidate. Nobody wants to hire a robot. Show your human side. When helping a friend with a resume a little while back, she told me she always puts “quahogging” on her resume NO MATTER WHAT. She might have her MBA and tons of amazing experience in the nonprofic sector, but it never fails that the interview committee has a few questions about quahogging. In case you are wondering, a quahog is similar to a clam… and she digs for them off the beaches of the cape and then makes delicious stuffed quahogs with her catch!

Tip #3 – Use Color > Use Graphics > Use anything that makes your resume different! You are marketing yourself. What do businesses do to market themselves? They create a logo and pick some identifying colors. Why not use that strategy when marketing yourself? Think of your name as a headline or logo. Make it bold, so they say… hmmm, Who is this Jessica Maguire? What’s her deal?

Tip #4 – EDIT, EDIT, EDIT. I’m the first to admit that I don’t have the keenest eye for errors and tend to focus more on style, layout & aesthetics and miss grammatical stuff as a result (which is horrible to admit, since I’m an English teacher). Have someone else look at your resume to proof it. A new set of eyes is more likely to pick up an error, since we have a tendency to “fill in the blanks” since we know what we are trying to say.

Tip #5 – Consistency. Be consistent with your fonts. Your header should be a bold font, whereas the body should be a simple easy to read font. Make sure you stick to those two fonts throughout your entire resume. And be consistent with your cover letter and reference page too! If you design a cool header with your name & contact info, use that same header and body font for your cover letter and references.

Below are a few examples I was playing around with. The body of the resume remains mostly the same, but I tried some different headers and colors to draw the readers attention.

Pink & Green Dots

Pink & Green Dots






Blue Patterns

Chevron Anchor

Don't Forget Orange


Good Ships Stripes

Kassie & Chick

Nikki & Nick

pink nautical

I’m watching re-runs of Snooki & Jwow on MTV (don’t ask me why). There is all sorts of drama going on, but I can’t focus on the major plot line of Snooki & Jionni’s relationship problems because I’m too busy wondering why they are living in Jionni’s parents basement? Snooki made $150,000 per episode for the final season of Jersey Shore totaling 2 million dollars for the season. She is definitely making bank on this new spinoff. Why are they filming this in a poorly lit basement apartment? I need to go google this.

Don’t they look like little people on this couch?

Inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, you could be a member of Troop Beverly Hills. All you need is lots of Khaki, a green scarf & beret, fanny pack with a water bottle, a back pack… March through the streets of your hometown singing “gather round you friends of mine… We are wilderness girls and it’s cookie time!” And you are guaranteed to get a few chuckles from other 30 something mothers.

Plagued with conjunctivitis for Halloween? Turn it into a costume! You could be a viewer of the 2013 VMA music awards. Miley’s performance was so dirty & disgusting it could cause eye infections. Maybe walk around staring at an iPad continuously playing Miley’s performance only to look up at each door step to say “trick or treat.” It’s guaranteed to gross some people out.

Going to a couples costume party? Why not be Amber & Gary! It’s everyone’s favorite couple from teen mom. Grab a flat brim authentic baseball hat, pencil in a sculpted beard, stuff a pillow under a too small t-shirt and let those jeans sag low for the perfect Gary Shirley costume. Liberally apply some eye make up, don’t shower for a few days, and throw on a striped prisoners uniform for the Amber Portwood look. If you really want to play the part of Amber, every few minutes just close your eyes, rub your temples and yell “Geeaarry! Geary! Just stop!”



Okay you probably have a lot of these things around the house… A hand knit hat, apron, vintage dress, chevron stationary, a keep calm & carry on coffee mug, retro reading glasses, boots, a satchel containing mason jars, handmade jewelry, baby tutus, home made crayons using bees wax, a hand stitch monster doll using recycled fabrics…. You know, stuff like that. And when people ask what you are. Just respond “I am Etsy.”


Everybody dresses up like celebrities for Halloween… But no one ever dresses like the paparazzi! Throw on a backwards hat, vest, sneakers and carry a camera with a bright flash. Snap away & shout things like “This way! Please just one photo?! Turn to me! Please!”


Recycle those super long CVS receipts by wrapping yourself up into a mummy! Buy a pack of gum & deodorant and you’ll probably get a receipt long enough to cover your whole body.


Looks like Dr. Oz took one from Ed Harding’s play book… He’s rocking a quarter zip fleece UNDER a v-neck sweater on today’s episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Pretty sure Dr. Oz is already a millionaire, but that’s besides the point. The wardrobe department didn’t try to talk him out of this outfit? I definitely would have told him that the zipper on the fleece would cause trouble with the clip on mic and urge him to put on a collared shirt under that sweater. But, I don’t work on set on WWTBAM…


Everyday for the past seven years (not exaggerating) I drove into work at Scituate High via the side entrance by the fire station.

And everyday for the past seven years there has been a seafood delivery truck backed in and parked on the grass across from the school buses. Now, I don’t know why the truck has been allowed to park there everyday for the past seven years. I’m assuming the person who owns it doesn’t want to park it in their own driveway so they leave it there each night after work. And because it is a seafood truck, it probably smells. But even weirder is there has been ginormous stuffed Stewie doll seat belted into the passenger seat for the PAST SEVEN YEARS.

Let’s really think about this. I could understand if the driver of this truck won it at a carnival in the peak of The Family Guy’s popularity… That it would be sorta cool/funny to put it in the passenger seat on the ride home from the Marshfield Fair and maybe keep it there for a few days to see what kind of looks you get from other cars on the road. Maybe even get a toot of the horn from an amused teenager at the sight of your cool Stewie doll. But, seven years! Hasn’t the occasion arose that you needed to place something like a box or a bag on the passenger seat and you needed to move the doll? Or you’ve needed to give someone a ride and there is no where else to sit, but in Stewie’s seat. I’m honestly shocked someone could keep it there that long, not to mention they probably have to crane their neck to see around Stewie’s giant head. I thought for a long time that maybe the truck was abandoned… But today as I was driving Nolan to preschool at 9:00 am what do I see passing me by on First Parish Road?! The seafood delivery truck with Stewie riding shotgun. All these years, I’ve drove by it at 6:45 am… And today I got to see the driver! It was wicked exciting for me to say the least.

I totally would have jumped on board with this wedding trend. Forget Mason Jars & Smile Booths… The hot new thing to do is throw cats instead of bouquets! I don’t own a cat, so I’d probably have to rent one from a shelter for the day. OMG, there’s another business idea to add to my list: Cat Rentals. I’m realizing I have had two cat posts this week… And I don’t particularly like cats.



To see many more pictures of brides throwing cats visit

ps- not to ruin it or anything, but the cats are photoshopped in… so don’t go running to the humane society or anything, okay?

CeeLo Green uses a service cat on The Voice… Because his arms are too short to reach the button.


As some may know… our six month old daughter Greta is a bit of diva when it comes to sleeping. She has demands which include having me lay with her in my arms on my left side with a bottle until she falls asleep and spills large amounts of formula all over our sheets. She then allows me to transfer her to the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play in which she sleeps for two hour intervals. The cycle repeats through out the night, unless I try to put her in the arms reach co-sleeper, in which she immediately throws her legs straight up in the air when placed on her back and wakes from a deep sleep to cry for her mother to again assume the position of falling back to sleep with her nose in my armpit.

I know it’s my own fault. And that I should have not gotten into the habit of pulling her into bed with me, letting her sleep in the rock n’ play. Blah blah blah. I followed all the rules with Nolan. He was in his crib at 2 weeks. Emmitt, was in a crib at 4 months. And here we are with Greta. She was the fussiest of babies for the first two months. I didn’t care what I had to do as long as she slept. Then I just got into the routine. And I honestly didn’t mind the snuggle time at night, because the poor girl doesn’t get enough attention during the day when I have more pressing needs like a 2 year old playing in the toilet and a 4 year old climbing up shelves.

So, I had to find a way to get her to sleep by herself in a crib (or co-sleeper with the mattress lowered like a pack n’ play). I decided I was going to sleep train her while Steve was away on business last weekend. And then I saw an article posted on facebook by a friend from high school about Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit. She raved about it and then after reading the article I thought I would give it a try. The inventor of a product was just a regular mom who was trying to improve her own child’s habits…and I love supporting the regular mom!

The suit was available at Isis for $40. And I thought, hmmmm $40 to get my kid to sleep. It’s worth it. Well, worth it if it actually works. I got her ready for a nap that afternoon by changing her diaper, putting her in a onsie and then zipping her up in the suit. She looked like the kid from a Christmas Story. (reminds me of the best description from that movie of Randy in his snowsuit “My brother looked like a tick about to pop”) I gave her a bottle. She dozed off and I gingerly put her in down in the co-sleeper, just waiting for her to flail and wake up like she always does. But. She. Didn’t. She slept for 2 hours. First time she has ever slept flat on her back. First time alone in a crib-type setting.


When it came time for bedtime she slept from 8-10 pm then woke up screaming. I knew she wasn’t hungry because she had only eaten 2 hours ago. So, I comforted her, then made her cry it out. And then she slept until 5 am! Woot. Woot. Basically tells me that she can sleep through the night if need be, since she didn’t need to eat from 8-5. (sadly, Emmitt still wakes up between 3 – 4 am every morning looking to eat… but that is another story for another day, let’s focus on the small victories with Greta).

Since then she has slept every night in her co-sleeper. She still wakes up 1,2, sometimes 3 or 4 times a night. But, she is sleeping on her own. And I have more room in bed! Yay! Now, if we can just feberize Franny, get Emmitt to sleep through the night, have Nolan sleep past 6 am… I just might get a normal nights sleep. (honestly, I don’t think my body would know what to do with a full night’s sleep. I have completely adjusted to this routine. And I don’t feel tired?)

Alright, I am exhausted. I’m going to bed : )

I was watching this show on Bravo (I think) the other day… and I cannot believe MILLIONAIRES, or wait, BILLIONAIRES… trust the sale of their home to this guy.

Evan Almighty Movie Premiere - Arrivals

Chad Rogers

The kid looks like a 15 year old knock off of Justin Bieber and he is making insane commissions on Million Dollar Listing. I figured he was like 20 years old and got the job through his dad or something. After a little research, I find out he is 2 years older than me! And according to his website he is pretty darn good at his job and well respected among his peers. Maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Check this out…

“Since the start of his career, Rogers has built and maintained a reputation among power-player clientele, including professional athletes, celebrities and high-ranking business officials while working for Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland at the prestigious Hilton & Hyland real estate brokerage. In 2010, he had a record breaking year in which he sold more than $80 million worth of homes. This number includes the sale of the highest publicly priced MLS listing of all of Los Angeles County. The listing closed at $23.5 million on Dec. 15, 2010.”

And if I look at it from a client’s perspective, it couldn’t hurt to have cameras following your realtor around and showcasing your home on national television. It has to guarantee a sale at some point!