Everyday for the past seven years (not exaggerating) I drove into work at Scituate High via the side entrance by the fire station.

And everyday for the past seven years there has been a seafood delivery truck backed in and parked on the grass across from the school buses. Now, I don’t know why the truck has been allowed to park there everyday for the past seven years. I’m assuming the person who owns it doesn’t want to park it in their own driveway so they leave it there each night after work. And because it is a seafood truck, it probably smells. But even weirder is there has been ginormous stuffed Stewie doll seat belted into the passenger seat for the PAST SEVEN YEARS.

Let’s really think about this. I could understand if the driver of this truck won it at a carnival in the peak of The Family Guy’s popularity… That it would be sorta cool/funny to put it in the passenger seat on the ride home from the Marshfield Fair and maybe keep it there for a few days to see what kind of looks you get from other cars on the road. Maybe even get a toot of the horn from an amused teenager at the sight of your cool Stewie doll. But, seven years! Hasn’t the occasion arose that you needed to place something like a box or a bag on the passenger seat and you needed to move the doll? Or you’ve needed to give someone a ride and there is no where else to sit, but in Stewie’s seat. I’m honestly shocked someone could keep it there that long, not to mention they probably have to crane their neck to see around Stewie’s giant head. I thought for a long time that maybe the truck was abandoned… But today as I was driving Nolan to preschool at 9:00 am what do I see passing me by on First Parish Road?! The seafood delivery truck with Stewie riding shotgun. All these years, I’ve drove by it at 6:45 am… And today I got to see the driver! It was wicked exciting for me to say the least.