Born and raised in Scituate, MA. Jessica spent her summers on Peggotty beach harassing the lifeguards, lounging in the hot sand and begging her mum for money to visit the ice cream man. She is an English teacher at Scituate high school, but still requires that you proof her designs for spelling because even English teachers make mistakes. Once a 12.9 handicap in golf, Jessica now averages about 12.9 diaper changes a day as mother of Nolan (3), Emmitt (1.5), and Greta (newborn). She is married to fellow SHS teacher, Steve Maguire, they enjoy birding and eating take out way too frequently. Her nights are spent working on unique custom designed prints with a preppy style inspired by the sites and sounds experienced on a “Scituate 500.”   In her free time she finds a way to keep up with the Kardashians, take lessons in woodcarving, play the guitar, mow the lawn and stalk people on Facebook. And her mum very rarely gave her money for the ice cream man.



Peggotty Prints was born by accident when friends and family made requests for Jessica’s custom framed birth announcements that hung in her children’s room. With soooooo much free time on her hands, Jessica set up a table at a local farmers market and began taking orders via facebook & email. Now one year later, Jessica is expanding Peggotty Print designs to reach a greater audience looking for a unique keepsake gift. Her collection of designs includes birth announcements, wedding prints and local favorites such as “I heart Scituate” & “I love you more than Maria’s Pickles.”


Where did the name Peggotty Prints come from?

Named after the beach in Scituate where Jessica grew up and still spends her summer days with her three sisters and a “circle of friends,” she draws inspiration from all things nautical. Peggotty is also the name of a character in Charles Dicken’s 1850 novel David Copperfield for all you literary buffs.


Anchors & whales & lobsters & stripes = Jessica’s design style obsessions