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In an effort to supplement our income and establish a revenue stream that will allow me to stay home forever with my children, I have been brainstorming some new business ideas. I know I’ll always have, but it couldn’t hurt to have some other ways to earn money.

Scituate Turkey Tours – So, I am going to decorate my minivan to look like a giant turkey (then the turkey’s won’t be scared when we drive right up to them and gawk at them). It’s kind of like the TMZ bus tours in Hollywood, only better. I can guarantee sitings on Lawson Rd. & the West End… but the only pit fall is that I will only have two seats available once all my children are in the van with me. I’m going to have to look into getting some sort of trailer with folding chairs duct taped to it.

Lettuce Stand – I’m seriously considering applying for a peddlers license at town hall and opening up a lettuce stand right outside Maria’s during the summer. I’ll charge $2 per handful and out-of-towners will eat it up!

Portable Man Caves – Kind of like those Bouncy Houses you rent for kids parties… these would be little trailers stocked with beer, tv’s (with the NFL Sunday ticket), video games, buffalo wings, etc. You could rent it for your husband and it would be like a little spa day for him.

iPhone Dealer – Looking into buying iPhone’s and spray painting them gold and selling them on the internet.

Fitscaping – I’m hoping to start a new fitness craze that involves training clients by means of landscaping (my yard). Fat burning activities include push mowing my lawn, hauling brush, & shoveling mulch. Clients will pay me to do my yardwork.

A Weight Watchers Program for Pets – Once you get in shape with Fitscape, you are going to want your pets to lead a healthy lifestyle too. I am currently working on a point system for pets looking to lose a few pounds. Baby carrots will definitely be zero points… so go crazy Frances.

Disposable Socks for Infants & Toddlers – They are always losing them anyways. So, why not just accept it. I’m developing a prototype using paper towels as the textile.

Finger Nail Whisperers – These would be trained finger nail technicians that travel to your house after bath time to cut your toddler’s finger nails. They would bring props to distract your flailing child. I know my kids would totally go for it if they brought an old DVD of Cars and a powerwheels with a dead battery to sit in when they clip their nails. Picture Snip Itz, but with finger nails. Oh, wait maybe I should call it Clip Itz.



The Greenbush Post Office: This post office is hidden away on Ford Place. There is never a line and it has a Mayberry feel to it. The screen on the debit card machine is broken, so it’s always a guessing game if you typed in the right pin… but it’s worth the minor inconvenience. 

The Village Market Clothing Section: I know, I know, I just talked about this place in my last blog post. But, it bears repeating. This place has the best Scituate clothes, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, & baby clothes of any store in town. Hands down the best. 

The Christmas Lights on Hollet Street: There is a house on Hollet Street that decorates the trees in their back yard. It is totally hidden from the street. You have to park your car and walk along a path behind someone’s house. It is a winter wonderland out there that not many people know about.

Breakfast at Widow’s Walk: Oro has a great brunch, Riva is good too. But, for a quick, casual and really good breakfast try the pub at Widow’s Walk on weekend mornings. My kids love it because Jamie the owner sometimes let’s them put cartoons on one of the TV’s and then when they are finished with their breakfast they can go pretend to drive the golf carts down in the cart shed. 

Bassin Lane for Storm Chasing: Whenever a big storm hits in Scituate everyone runs to the lighthouse to see the waves and the Channels 4, 5 & 7 news teams. But, for the coolest view of the biggest waves you have to go down a dirt road off of Gilson Road. Bassin’s Lane is high on third cliff overlooking Peggotty Beach. It is by far the best place to do a little storm chasing without the crowds.

Kukstis Woodcarving Lessons: Looking for a new hobby… Woodcarving Lessons at Paul Kukstis’ Carving Studio in Scituate harbor is the BEST! Paul is the most patient teacher. He has good taste in music. People bring food and chat while they whittle away on their projects. You are guaranteed to laugh the whole night long with the cast of regulars that show up for these weekly lessons. He guides you through carving a quarterboard from start to finish and the end result is always amazing. He helps you accomplish what you didn’t think you could do. It’s also a cool little hobby to mention during job interviews, dinner parties, first dates, police interrogations… visit for more information about lessons.

The Creek behind Peggotty Beach: The perfect place to go paddle boarding, kayaking or just for a swim. Ride the outgoing current all the way to the bridge and into the harbor or just jump in for a quick swim at high tide. This place is central to many of my childhood memories. There is even a paddle board/surf board rental right out of the Peggotty parking lot if you don’t own a board. 

The Glades: I know, I know… most people know the Glades. But most people only sneak out there in the summer. If you visit the Glades in the winter you have a chance at seeing two cool things. First, if you walk all the way to the end at low tide there are always TONS of seals sunning on the rocks off the point. Second if you climb the rocks on the right as you walk in, and take some binoculars to check out the surf, you might just see one of my favorite birds, the Harlequin Duck. 



I told you it was a cool duck! 


Little Things Lost

When I was a kid, there was no bigger thrill than going down to Hennessy News in Scituate Harbor to rent a movie and pick out some penny candy. It started as a small shelf of VHS tapes at the front of the store. Each family in town was assigned a number when they signed up for a membership. My family was number 14. I remember the first movie we rented was the Muppets Take Manhattan. And then waiting weeks and weeks for the movie “The Watcher in the Woods” to be available. It was the scariest Disney movie ever made, staring Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills back when she was like 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve wanted to name a dog Nerak, but back to my point. Yes, there is a point. I loved the ritual of going down to rent a movie. You had to scan the shelves, look at the covers, read the summaries on the back. If I was lucky my mum would let me get a candy bar. The new release you really wanted to watch wasn’t always in stock so there wasn’t that instant gratification we have now with OnDemand or Netflix. Sometimes you were forced to rent a movie that wasn’t your top choice, but it ends up being a really good movie and something you never would have watch otherwise. It’s a little bit sad to think that our kids will never experience that same excitement when it comes to renting a movie and the joy that comes when that movie you really wanted to see was actually in stock. And they’ll never know the disappointment of that new release not being available, well unless I don’t pay the cable bill and they can’t order any movies. And that is always a possibility. Oh, and they’ll never know the shame in returning a movie that you forgot to rewind. I always had a little anxiety stepping up to the counter with a return… because we NEVER rewound our movies despite the flourescent sticker on the side reminding us to Be Kind and Rewind. And one more thing kids, if you ever read my blog. Your father was arrested for not returning a movie in New Hampshire. It’s a good story. Ask him about it sometime.

We recently had the interior of our minivan fixed after an unusual event occurred last Easter. My husband accidentally left the door to our minivan open after helping the boys get out of the back seat. As I was riding away from our house in my sisters car, I quickly texted Steve (who was inside watching the Masters) about the situation and asked him to close the door. Here is the text…Image

Well, imagine if Steve didn’t get the chance to close the door. Turns out… he continued to watch golf and forgot all about it. So, when I arrived home a few hours later I just hit the automatic door button and closed it without really looking inside the van. 

Flash forward to the next morning. We are all ready to head over to my family’s house to celebrate Easter, we open the door to the van and the doors are completely chewed apart, there is squirrel shit everywhere… ImageImage

The squirrel had chewed the holes in the doors right in front of the side view mirrors, almost as if they could see themselves in the reflection of the mirror and thought that another squirrel was helping them try to escape. Needless to say, we had to get the van cleaned up before heading out for the day… we couldn’t let our kids sit in squirrel poop. So, Steve, with our dog Frances in tow headed to the local gas station to vacuum it out. When he arrived at the mobil station and turned on the vacuum, a squirrel jumped out of the dashboard, onto the dog and out the side door. It scurried across RT 3A to safety. And scared the crap out of Steve… which he totally deserved!